Our refugee programme – for everyone, who needs it

Free coworking for refugees and non-profit organizations

Not limited to ukrainians – the country of origin does not matter.

Coworking and community are two terms that are intertwined and inseparable – community is the beating heart of a coworking space. Our community is made up of members with diverse backgrounds. People from different nations, cultures and religions work side by side on their projects. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to help people out – no matter where they are seeking refugee from.

It’s not much, but we think that any contribution that can help refugees is a good one. Therefore, Work Inn joined an action coordinated by the German Coworking Federation e.V.: Our coworking spaces are available to refugees free of charge. It allows people to keep in touch with friends and family, especially via the internet or, if possible and desired, to work on their projects. Participating Spaces can be found here.

Work Inn is also expanding the offer to include non-profit organizations that provide help and do amazing work for the people seeking protection. Please share!

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When can I use this offer?

If you have a state-approved refugee status or you’re working for a non-profit organisation in the sector of or associated with refugee help, you may claim it. If you’re not sure about it – just ask! 

Is it limited to ukrainian refugees only?

Although the initiative started with the invasion in ukraine, we want to support people from other nations, too. Solidarity and support know no borders, everyone is welcome here – regardless of ethnicity or religious background.

Did anyone already claim the offer?

If you’re insecure whether you should apply or not, don’t worry: we already have some refugee seeking people in our community. You are not alone (and we can always find someone to match you with)! 🙂 

How do I apply?

It’s very simple: just fill in the contact form or call 0231 – 58 680 785. Your contact person is Jens Uhlemann.

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